Monday, March 2, 2009

Just hope u are my miracle " I Love U "

Hey readers,

Hope all of u doin great....I am gonna share with u all this particular poem that i wrote for the person i love the most in my life, my girl and i am sure u all too can give this poem to ur loved ones, showing them how much and how deep ur love is....Enjoy reading and hope u all can pen down comments on this poem.......May u all love it and god bless......Peace out!!

My Miracle (I LOVE U)

When I'm with you,
Eternity is a step away,
My love continues to grow,
With each passing day......

This treasure of love,
I cherish within my soul,
How much I love you,
You'll never really know....

You bring a joy to my heart,
I've never felt before,
With each touch of your heart,
I love you more and more......

Whenever we say goodbye,
Whenever we part,
Know i hold you dearly,
Deep inside my heart......

So these seven words,
I pray you hold true,
"Forever and always,
I will love you"........

Saturday, February 28, 2009

How do i gonna go through this??

Hey readers out there,

Welcome to my blog.....Have u ever deeply in love with the one whom u love is being loved by somone else? U couldn't have imagined that rite? Bcos i understand how it's like and the feelings which arise during the period of time.....This is what actually happening to me rite now as my feelings towards her grow fonder each day.....i feel very down, emo and really upset at times whenever she doesn't come into my mind and her lovely smile just make me realize how important is she in my life......i just wish that i could be by her side at times she needs me and i can't imagine how sweet it will be......Is love need to be cruel or is it u need to fight for it all the way?? I just wish that i could turn back time and could have known her earlier.....Therefore, to those who have read this, i really feel thankful if u could pen down some advice to me whether i should continue the suffering or just i have to give my best cos i really love her...A very big thank you to u all readers......and peace out!!